It’s easy. You’ll earn 1 Plus Points for every $1 (excluding GST) you spend on your PlaceMakers account. Just remember, Points are based on the amount paid on your accounts, and not on the amount you purchase. The GST portion of your payment doesn’t qualify for points.
The PlaceMakers Plus Programme is open to all Trade Account customers who spend $25,000 or more (excluding GST) with PlaceMakers per annum.
Yes, just be sure to tell your customers that you’re participating in the programme when you sign a labour-only contract.


Simple. Just call us on 0800 611 222 and we’ll help you out. If you are interested in an upcoming PlaceMakers-hosted member exclusive trip, email plus@placemakers.co.nz or view the “Exclusive Trips” webpage to register your interest. Just remember that only the person named on the account or someone nominated by them can book rewards.
You’ll need a minimum of 25% of the total Points for a non-refundable deposit to book a rewards trip. If it’s a key event (i.e. PlaceMakers-hosted member exclusive trip) and you don’t have enough Points for a deposit, you can go into negative Points.
That’s okay. You can top-up with a cash payment, provided you have at least 50% of the Points needed for an upcoming trip event.

Points & redemption

Your Plus Points last for 36 months, so be sure to use them during this time. Any Points you don’t use after that will lapse. Remember, your Points can’t be carried over and you can’t exchange unused Points for cash.
We’ll set an individual target for you every year. If your total spend is over 75% of your target, you’ll earn 1.5 Plus Points for every dollar you spend on your PlaceMakers account until the end of the year. Sweet.
All of our fantastic rewards are listed in our online catalogue, which is updated every few months. You can choose a reward from our current catalogue or redeem your points for something else of your choice. Just chat with your local branch and they can order the item on your behalf and we’ll deduct the points.
If you have made a booking for a travel or conference event and don’t have a reasonable cause for withdrawing, we may deduct the Points needed to reimburse PlaceMakers or our agent for any costs incurred.
Although we do our best to offer the rewards exactly as described, they are subject to availability and sometimes we have to substitute them for another reward if your chosen reward becomes unavailable due to reasons beyond our control. All travel package costs are subject to any general fare increases or currency fluctuations, but we’ll confirm this when you book.
These will affect your Points balance, and can reduce the number of Points earned.
We do reserve the right to withhold or withdraw Points if your account is outside the agreed trading terms at the time of redemption. You also won’t earn any Points during the period in which your account is outside the agreed terms.
You’re responsible for paying any taxes incurred by claiming rewards. Some activities and options may have a surcharge which isn’t covered by the reward.

Contact us

For more information on the PlaceMakers Plus Programme, please contact your local Branch Operator or contact the PlaceMakers Plus team
Phone 0800 611 222
Email plus@placemakers.co.nz